What we do

Marketing does not have to be complicated. Whether you are an established business trying to grow market share, or an entrepreneur just starting out, there are many different ways to reach customers and drive your business forward. We peel back all the jargon and complication to help you focus on what your customers need and how to get your message to them.


Marketing Strategy

Successful marketing is built upon a solid strategy. Understanding your customers, your competition and the marketplace is the first step. 

Brand Identity

A clear message is critical to connect with customers. Ensuring that your brand’s voice is consistent everywhere maximizes that impact. 

Social Media Marketing

Connecting with customers is an investment that can pay off many times over. Nourishing those connections are how businesses thrive.

Product Marketing

Identifying the benefits of a product or service and bringing them to life seamlessly across every avenue where a customer may engage.

Web Design

Most customers will know you by your online presence. An easily to navigate website should answer questions and allow ways to connect. 

Marketing Automation

 Understanding and activating your data can take many different forms from a fully integrated tech stack to a simple newsletter or email. 

Who we are

 Lesa and Rick Banks have a combined 35 years of marketing experience having worked with brands such as T-Mobile, Lexus, Motorola, Sony PlayStation, Oberto and Nokia. They have managed over $4 billion dollars in marketing and media investments and have launched over 300 new products including the Sony PlayStation 4 console and the Toyota Tundra. They have also managed several high profile partnerships including working with the NFL, LPGA, PGA Tour and NASCAR across various brands and products. They currently work as marketing consultants for businesses looking to navigate the digital landscape and connect with consumers in meaningful ways that generate positive growth.

Rick Banks


Expertise: Media Strategy & Buying, Brand Strategy, Customer Insights, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Tech

Lesa Banks


Expertise: Product Management, Customer Acquisition and Retention, Branding, Channel Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Design

Why we are different

The world of marketing can be intimidating no matter what the size or scope of your business. Navigating all the different opportunities and challenges while still doing the day to day can be overwhelming. We take the stress out of marketing by providing real solutions that are meaningful to your long term success. Leveraging our combined skills and experience, we identify the most effective ways to establish or grow your business without stretching your resources thin. We value your time and money and want you to invest both confidently. 

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We want to get to know you. Not just to see if we can help you, but because we believe that connections are the best way for all small business owners to be successful. So reach out and let’s start a conversation. 

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